Monday, August 8, 2016

Chacabuco 25/ Travel time -- An email from 8 August 2016


So Just to tell you a little bit about my week, it went by so fast. Tuesday we had a leadership meeting with all of the leaders in the mission, so that was super cool! I could see a ton of friends from the mission and say goodbye to them. Then Wednesday we had the last zone meeting. That was pretty sad for me. We gave the last meeting and then i had to give my last testimony to the zone. That was hard for me:( haha And then Friday we went to the offices of the mission to have our last interview with the new president and with his wife. It was my first and last interview with him! Hes a nice guy and gave me some good advice to stay motivated. Then we worked all Saturday and then Sunday we brought 5 investigators that are progressing to church! I finished strong and left 5 that are going to get baptized in two weeks. SO im going to keep baptizing even after my mission ends:) I'm really happy for that. and im happy that i reached my goal of 50 people. In my mission i helped 51 people be baptized and that number will keep growing as the converts are sharing the gospel and helping out a ton still! Then there was a going away party in the house of Justina and Nadia. It made me super happy and i was a mess. The truth is that i don't want to go home. I want to stay here and live here forever. But life moves on. Well, i hope that these last few days go well and i will see you all with a huge smile this Thursday. There's pictures attached. And talk to brother brown and let me know what work he needs done. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, August 1, 2016

Chacabuco 24 -- an email from 1 August 2016

Hey all!

This week went by literally so fast. I cant believe that we are already here writing again. It went by so fast that it made me sad haha. This week was the fastest in my mission and im sure that the next week is going to go by fast. Here was really good. We had a meeting with president smith this Tuesday where he told us that we need to put more focus into Looking for more families. So we started to look for more families and we could find a family. Its a couple with three kids. The dad doesn't want anything to do with us, but the mom and the three girls are listening to the discussions and went to the church. they are going to get baptized the 13th! :) So that's super cool! 

How was the move? Do you all have any cool pictures of the house? I cant believe that we now dont live next to fossil haha. I'm going to miss that house but im sure that it was for the best! I hope the new house feels cozy. It sounds huge! You all have offices and there's a room for everyone and also a gym room???? That's super cool! I cant wait to see it.

So you all know i will be here next Monday as well. I don't know what im going to tell you all about but im sure it will be good! I'm going to leave all my garments here, Because they are destroyed! I was thinking maybe you can order me 12 medium mesh tops and 12 cotton polyester medium bottoms. The type that i used before that's like briefs and not loose. And Also i need you all to get me a planner for the year. Something simple that i can carry in my pocket during the day so that i can stay organized. I need these two things urgently. that's it! Write me next week with pictures and everything! 
Elder Jensen