Monday, May 30, 2016

Chacabuco 15 -- an email from 30 May 2016

Hey everyone.

This week has been really great. We worked really hard and we were able to keep helping the family of Lourdes so that they can come to church and keep progressing. They should have there baptism this Saturday. Please pray so that everything goes well with them.They are doing really well, but are just a little nervous for the baptism. but I'm sure that it will be well. I'm going to give it my all so that they can get baptized. I stayed in my area for another change, so I should be here at least until the middle of July.  The next change is four weeks exactly from my departure date. So right now i am officially 10 weeks from being out of here. I can't believe that we are already in June, the time really goes by so fast. I just want to start out by saying that I am super glad and I know that you are all working really hard to have things ready for me when I get back. Thanks for looking for and buying a car and putting lots of work into it. Thanks for looking for an apartment and looking for things to furnish it. These are blessings that I am an unworthy recipient of, but I'm glad for the work that you all are doing. Thanks:)

There's not much to talk about this week. If you have any questions or concerns, ask me them for next week. The villa is good. The people are the best. They love life and are so kind. I'm going to miss this life. I plan on coming back next May if I can save enough money to pay for a flight. I am planning on looking for a job right away so that I can start saving money haha. 
Love you all
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 23, 2016

Chacabuco 14 -- email from 23 May 2016


This week was great. Monday we went with Jorge to an all you can eat barbecue place and it was so good. Then we this Saturday we ate a huge barbecue with president and his family here in the ward. The members wanted to give him a goodbye lunch as he will be leaving the mission the 28 of June. This week we worked really hard so that we could give a good example to the elders under us. We brought a family of three to the church who are progressing to a baptism date the fourth of June. I cant believe that we are already in June. The time flies by so fast that i cant even believe it. The next week we have transfers again and i feel like this transfer just started. I cant believe that the time is going in hyper speed. I hope that i stay for the next transfer! So that you all know, this Wednesday is a holiday in Argentina so they gave us the day off as well, so we are going to be able to write Wednesday if you all want to talk. 

My apartment is sweet. Its in a great location. I'm loving it. I'm pretty pumped for all of the changes that are going to happen. Its hard to think about, but in 11 weeks I'm headed out of Argentina and back to the states. I always thought that this time would never get here. Its so weird that the time is flying by so fast. Tell everyone that i love them, and love you all so much. Love you all. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 9, 2016

90 Days Left....Email from 9 May 2016

Hey all.

It was great to talk with you all last night and i am glad that we had time to talk and answer questions. Its so weird that in three short months I'm going to be headed home. I don't know where all the time has went but I'm sure that these last three months are going to go by slow so that i can enjoy them. The next time that we all talk will be in person. Its so weird to think about that. But I'm sure that it will be great. When i come home i think one of my friends here is going to come and fly with me until and stay like two days and then he is going to go to Utah. I told him that its fine haha and that he can stay at our house if he wants. His name is Jorge, my friend that i told you all about. And then when we come back here I'm sure that he will let us stay in his apartment because he owns a couple of them. This week was great, we had a couple of investigators that are progression towards a baptismal date and this week we should have a baptism. Pray for Nadia so that she can be baptized and pray for us that we can help more people! 

I LOVE THE CAR! Its literally like a dream car. I'm going to print out a picture and put in on my desk next to my schedule and I'm going to be so trunky. Jaja Tomorrow we are headed to the temple. I'm pretty excited for that! This week is going to be really great and i hope that your week is great. Let me know what happens with the apartment! try to fix it up this week. 
Love you lots.
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 2, 2016

Chacabuco 11 -- and email from 2 May 2016


This week was better than the last week. I was able to get along a little better with my companion and I am trying to teaching him how to have better relations with the other people. The secret is that you need to treat everyone as if they were your best friend in the world. It helps people feel special and then they have your confidence and they want to be with you! That's what has helped me out in this time here, and i think that might be one of my greatest gifts! Is that god has given me the gift to connect really well with people haha. I'm going to try to keep developing it all of my life so that i can be successful in all that i do. I'm really happy with all of the blessings that god has given me in my life. So This week we worked a lot better. I don't know if i have told you all but for the last 7 months every Saturday to Sunday i fast with my companions and we pray for miracles. Well, this Saturday we were fasting and we found a family of 5 that are super duper ready for the gospel and we have been working with a couple of other people too, and we were able to bring 11 people to the church yesterday! It was a miracle if i have ever seen one. We are preparing 8 of them to be baptized the 14th of may- I hope that everyone keeps preparing and that we can have a baptismal service with 6-8 people! I would be breaking all of my records in the mission! I need your prayers! 

I hope that grandma is getting settled in good! I hope she likes the mountain air:). Its crazy to think that I'm going be home to see her! Tell Katie that i am really proud of her for trying out for the dance team haha. If we never try then we will never know! Keep her head up. I'm more proud of her reaction then anything else! I hope that prom was cool........ The pictures look really great! I cant believe that it takes 45 minutes to put a kimono on. Its a little bit like my preparation every day to put on my mission clothes. Now, i don't even notice a white shirt and tie haha. I just feel like the clothes are normal haha. I hope that you are looking for a place to live and then when i am a little closer to coming home you can look for the jeep and a job! Here's a huge shout out to dad for hooking it up with my schedule! Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help and service! 

I will call this Sunday at 6 the time here. I'm not sure what time it will be there. Use a laptop this time so that the connection is better. I will be able to talk for an hour with you guys haha. So write your questions down:)! 

Love you lots! 
Elder Jensen