Monday, May 9, 2016

90 Days Left....Email from 9 May 2016

Hey all.

It was great to talk with you all last night and i am glad that we had time to talk and answer questions. Its so weird that in three short months I'm going to be headed home. I don't know where all the time has went but I'm sure that these last three months are going to go by slow so that i can enjoy them. The next time that we all talk will be in person. Its so weird to think about that. But I'm sure that it will be great. When i come home i think one of my friends here is going to come and fly with me until and stay like two days and then he is going to go to Utah. I told him that its fine haha and that he can stay at our house if he wants. His name is Jorge, my friend that i told you all about. And then when we come back here I'm sure that he will let us stay in his apartment because he owns a couple of them. This week was great, we had a couple of investigators that are progression towards a baptismal date and this week we should have a baptism. Pray for Nadia so that she can be baptized and pray for us that we can help more people! 

I LOVE THE CAR! Its literally like a dream car. I'm going to print out a picture and put in on my desk next to my schedule and I'm going to be so trunky. Jaja Tomorrow we are headed to the temple. I'm pretty excited for that! This week is going to be really great and i hope that your week is great. Let me know what happens with the apartment! try to fix it up this week. 
Love you lots.
Elder Jensen

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