Monday, June 29, 2015

Stolen Cars, Big Lights/Big City -- Email from 29 June 2015

Mica and her baptism

This week was a fast week. Like so fast i cant believe it! It was a ride of emotions. Starting out, This last Tuesday we moved apartments to another apartment away from the other elders.  So now I don't live with Elder Hansen, but I still get to see him practically every day in lunch so that's pretty cool.  We moved apartments to a place that is sick.  Its on the eleventh story of a building and we can see the river  (that looks like a sea because it separates Uraguay and Argentina.  And we can also see Puerto Madera which is a huge tourist attraction. Its really nice. You guys have to see a couple picture of that. 

Mica, Elder Santos, and me.
And then we were preparing Nicolas and Mica.  Everything was looking so good. Until Friday in the night [when] Nicolas stole a car.  So he is out for the count with that one.  And then Mica didn't show up for her baptism this Saturday in the night.  I was so sad, but in the morning Sunday we went to her house and we managed to save the baptism.  So we had one baptism. That was a huge blessing! We are now in the market of looking for more investigators, and we are going to work pretty hard this week to secure everything.  I hope that you all have a good week and enjoy the warm weather. Its starting to get cold here, which is pretty sick! 

My new apartment!
Love you all.
Elder Jensen

Monday, June 22, 2015

La Caminito -- Email from 22 June 2015

This week was good. We worked really hard and taught 35 lessons with member.  My new area is sweet and actually compared with my other area it feels a lot more safe.  We are learning the area together and hopefully this weekend we should have two baptisms.  There names are Mika and Nicolas so make sure that you are praying for them. 

Playing Frisbee
Happy Birthday mom, and Fathers Day dad.  It's a little late but its better than never right?  I hope that everything is going well for you all.  You all need to look up a picture caminito. That's my new area. So its pretty sweet! 

Well I will see you all next week. I will send another picture. 
Did you send my birthday card yet? :) 

Love you all
Elder Jensen

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

La Boca -- Email from 16 June 2015

Hey All! 

So as you know we had transfers today and i got taken out of our little villa and i got moved to an area called the Boca! Its literally the area that we took pictures in last week during p-day. I was moved up to senior companion and trainer and i have an adopted kid. He is named Elder Santos and is from Brazil. So maybe after a couple transfers with him i will be able to speak a little bit of Portuguese also. That would be cool.

My stomach is getting better, I'm gaining weight and keeping it on. I'm also doing studies to see if anything in particular caused my stomach problems. Also whats sick is that we live in an apartment with another companionship and they are the zone leaders. Guess who is my Zone Leader?   ELDER HANSEN.  It's sick haha.  We are living in another apartment together for his last transfer of the mission. I'm so pumped man! 

Love you all a ton. 
See you Monday. 

Elder Jensen! 

Post Note:  Here is a link to his new area:  Click Here

Thursday, June 11, 2015

P-Day -- Email from 8 June 2015

Hey you all.

How was your week?  Was Everything good?  How is the house looking? Grandpa is almost 80 and I am almost 20. Wow the years are flying by. Its crazy how fast the time flies. Speaking of time, Tomorrow I only lack like 14 months in the mission. Frick.  What happened with all of my time.  I don't want it to go any faster.  The truth is that these last three months have flown by.  I have been in parque avellenade three transfers now so I will probably get a new area this next week. So that should be pretty cool!  This week I worked so hard I was falling asleep when we were planning for the next day. haha

There is a good possibility that I will go up to senior companion next transfer and that is a little but scary.  But I know that I can do it, but its kind of intimidating haha.  I hope that I stay in capital, and speaking of capital today for p-day we went to every place tourist in the city.  So that was sick. I have a ton of pictures in Caminito by the pope, and in bridge of the woman. Good day.  I will send you guys like a ton of pictures.  
Love you all a ton and I hope that this next week you all can have a good week.  See you next Tuesday.
Elder Jensen