Monday, June 29, 2015

Stolen Cars, Big Lights/Big City -- Email from 29 June 2015

Mica and her baptism

This week was a fast week. Like so fast i cant believe it! It was a ride of emotions. Starting out, This last Tuesday we moved apartments to another apartment away from the other elders.  So now I don't live with Elder Hansen, but I still get to see him practically every day in lunch so that's pretty cool.  We moved apartments to a place that is sick.  Its on the eleventh story of a building and we can see the river  (that looks like a sea because it separates Uraguay and Argentina.  And we can also see Puerto Madera which is a huge tourist attraction. Its really nice. You guys have to see a couple picture of that. 

Mica, Elder Santos, and me.
And then we were preparing Nicolas and Mica.  Everything was looking so good. Until Friday in the night [when] Nicolas stole a car.  So he is out for the count with that one.  And then Mica didn't show up for her baptism this Saturday in the night.  I was so sad, but in the morning Sunday we went to her house and we managed to save the baptism.  So we had one baptism. That was a huge blessing! We are now in the market of looking for more investigators, and we are going to work pretty hard this week to secure everything.  I hope that you all have a good week and enjoy the warm weather. Its starting to get cold here, which is pretty sick! 

My new apartment!
Love you all.
Elder Jensen

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