Thursday, June 11, 2015

P-Day -- Email from 8 June 2015

Hey you all.

How was your week?  Was Everything good?  How is the house looking? Grandpa is almost 80 and I am almost 20. Wow the years are flying by. Its crazy how fast the time flies. Speaking of time, Tomorrow I only lack like 14 months in the mission. Frick.  What happened with all of my time.  I don't want it to go any faster.  The truth is that these last three months have flown by.  I have been in parque avellenade three transfers now so I will probably get a new area this next week. So that should be pretty cool!  This week I worked so hard I was falling asleep when we were planning for the next day. haha

There is a good possibility that I will go up to senior companion next transfer and that is a little but scary.  But I know that I can do it, but its kind of intimidating haha.  I hope that I stay in capital, and speaking of capital today for p-day we went to every place tourist in the city.  So that was sick. I have a ton of pictures in Caminito by the pope, and in bridge of the woman. Good day.  I will send you guys like a ton of pictures.  
Love you all a ton and I hope that this next week you all can have a good week.  See you next Tuesday.
Elder Jensen

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