Monday, August 8, 2016

Chacabuco 25/ Travel time -- An email from 8 August 2016


So Just to tell you a little bit about my week, it went by so fast. Tuesday we had a leadership meeting with all of the leaders in the mission, so that was super cool! I could see a ton of friends from the mission and say goodbye to them. Then Wednesday we had the last zone meeting. That was pretty sad for me. We gave the last meeting and then i had to give my last testimony to the zone. That was hard for me:( haha And then Friday we went to the offices of the mission to have our last interview with the new president and with his wife. It was my first and last interview with him! Hes a nice guy and gave me some good advice to stay motivated. Then we worked all Saturday and then Sunday we brought 5 investigators that are progressing to church! I finished strong and left 5 that are going to get baptized in two weeks. SO im going to keep baptizing even after my mission ends:) I'm really happy for that. and im happy that i reached my goal of 50 people. In my mission i helped 51 people be baptized and that number will keep growing as the converts are sharing the gospel and helping out a ton still! Then there was a going away party in the house of Justina and Nadia. It made me super happy and i was a mess. The truth is that i don't want to go home. I want to stay here and live here forever. But life moves on. Well, i hope that these last few days go well and i will see you all with a huge smile this Thursday. There's pictures attached. And talk to brother brown and let me know what work he needs done. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, August 1, 2016

Chacabuco 24 -- an email from 1 August 2016

Hey all!

This week went by literally so fast. I cant believe that we are already here writing again. It went by so fast that it made me sad haha. This week was the fastest in my mission and im sure that the next week is going to go by fast. Here was really good. We had a meeting with president smith this Tuesday where he told us that we need to put more focus into Looking for more families. So we started to look for more families and we could find a family. Its a couple with three kids. The dad doesn't want anything to do with us, but the mom and the three girls are listening to the discussions and went to the church. they are going to get baptized the 13th! :) So that's super cool! 

How was the move? Do you all have any cool pictures of the house? I cant believe that we now dont live next to fossil haha. I'm going to miss that house but im sure that it was for the best! I hope the new house feels cozy. It sounds huge! You all have offices and there's a room for everyone and also a gym room???? That's super cool! I cant wait to see it.

So you all know i will be here next Monday as well. I don't know what im going to tell you all about but im sure it will be good! I'm going to leave all my garments here, Because they are destroyed! I was thinking maybe you can order me 12 medium mesh tops and 12 cotton polyester medium bottoms. The type that i used before that's like briefs and not loose. And Also i need you all to get me a planner for the year. Something simple that i can carry in my pocket during the day so that i can stay organized. I need these two things urgently. that's it! Write me next week with pictures and everything! 
Elder Jensen

Monday, July 25, 2016

Chacabuco 23 -- an email from 25 July 2016

Hey all! 

This was a pretty fast week. There was absolutely no time for us to work really hard. On Friday I was sick and stayed at home with a headache, and flu symptom. On Saturday I thought that I was feeling a little bit better and I went out to work again haha. It was my last day to find people that can be baptized during my mission. So it was a bittersweet day. But what made it worse is that I had a bad stomach bug from the flu that I had. I misjudged that I was better, and left to work and then wasn't better after all haha. I ended up in the bathroom every ten minutes. I’m not even kidding haha. It was terrible. I went home in the night and took two Imodium and then woke up in the night and had to run to the bathroom, and took two more Imodium and slept until Sunday morning. We had a meeting at 7 in the church and I sent my companion with another elder from our house haha. I didn't have any strength to go to church haha. I stayed and slept until like 2 in the afternoon yesterday. So that is about all that has happened in my last couple of days. I'm going to keep working hard these next two weeks so that I can finish well. Also this next week I'm going to see if I can buy a couple of gifts for you all this week. But no promises because the things here are super cheap [quality, price???] haha. 

Love you all. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, July 18, 2016

Chacabuco 22 -- an email from 18 July 2016


Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! It was a great day and i was able to pass a ton of time with my converts! They gave me four cakes:) So that was pretty cool. Here in Argentina there is a tradition that you need to take a bite out of every cake. And then all of the people around you push your head into the cake haha. Its safe to say that after four times i'm pretty tired of cleaning frosting off of my face haha. I will send you all a couple of pictures. WE worked really hard this week, but we didn't have any results haha. Its the first week for a long time that i haven't had anyone who is progressing towards a baptismal date. There were a lot of factors that came into play with that, but one of the big ones is that i am sick with a cold or something haha so i hope that this week that all gets better. The cool thing is that for my birthday Juana, my convert gave me a new Argentina jersey. Its so cool! :) 
How is the packing going? How is moms new job? Does she have a new job and is interviewing for a new one aswell? Im a little confused as far as that goes. Its hard to think that in 24 days i wont be a missionary anymore haha. I can really process it yet, but im just going to leave everything that i have these next three weeks. Its hard to stay focused when i'm finishing up haha. Everyone seems to always remind me how much time i have left. It makes me not care anymore haha. Who is going to be in the airport when i get back? When is my homecoming talk? That's about all i can think of. 
Love you all
Elder Jensen

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chacabuco 21 -- an email from 12 July 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week was so great. But so great! We had the baptisms of Liz and Andrea so that was really spiritual. The zone is killing it and we had 9 baptisms as a zone. So i'm super pumped. It was a great week. Then we had transfers and i thought i was going to get sent to another area to finish my mission. I was so sad, and all of the converts were so sad. I don't think that i have had a day so sad in all of my mission. And then in the night we received the mail and it turns out that i'm going to stay together with  my companion for a third transfer! Whoooo. Im going to stay in chacabuco And finish here! Im so excited. and scared that i'm only here for four weeks left. I don't want to leave, but all things come to an end at one point. 

Well, Everything here is good. If you want me to get you all something from Argentina let me know this week so that i can find it before im out of here. Love you all a lot and i wish you all luck moving haha. 
Elder Jensen

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chacabuco 20 -- email from 4 July 2016

Hey everyone.

This week was great. We worked hard and we had fun. Liz and Andrea are going to get baptized this Saturday! In the zone there are 11  people that are going to be baptized! We are the zone that is baptizing more than any other in the entire mission. So we are super excited about that. The zone is getting better, and I feel like we can get better still. Nadia and Yuliana shared there testimonies in the meeting this week. It made me so happy to see that my hard work with them paid off. I remember convincing them to read the Book of Mormon and now they have testimonies of that. That's super cool. 

Im doing good here. I have an tendonitis chronic with and inflamed rotator cuff. There is scar tissue in my should. They said that I need physical therapy. I thinmk im just going to wait until I get back to the states. I have a copy of the MRI on disc and in the internet so everything is well. I'm 5 weeks out from coming back. It's a little weird but its alright. Next week is transfers so I will write you all tuesday. 
Love you all! 
Elder Jensen

Monday, June 27, 2016

Chacabuco 19 -- Email from 27 June 2016


This week is going really well. Carlos and Yuliana are really well and they were confirmed well! This week was great and we are teaching two people named Liz and Andrea. They are progressing really well. They were references from members and are neighbors. Liz is 28 and her son who is ten is a member of the church! She is so excited to come to church and is going to get baptized this week or the next week! Andrea is 18 and her situation is particular. She is taking care of a baby that's 6 months old. Its her nephew. Two weeks ago her sister in law died and she is helping her brother take care of the baby. She is super excited and is learning a lot. She is going to get baptized too. So I'm pretty happy with that.

In two weeks we have transfer. I hope to stay here. I went to the doctor for my shoulder this week and had an MRI. This Wednesday they are going to let me know what happened. I'm hoping that everything is well, and I will let you know what happens. If I need a surgery then I will wait until the states to get it. 
Love you all,
Elder Jensen

Monday, June 20, 2016

Chacabuco 18 -- Email from 20 June 2016

I'm glad everything is going well for you!

Here's my convert Nadia and us. She is wearing a skirt to church now! :)
This last week was good. We had a wedding and 2 baptisms. They are named Carlos and Yuliana and they are the parents of my convert from February. They have great friends from the ward and are growing a ton spiritually. They have the goal to get sealed in the temple in the next June, so I'm going to try and come out so that i can see that and visit a couple of converts. I'm going to be saving my money for that haha. We are hoping to have two more baptisms this transfer so that we can baptize weekly this transfer. I'm pumped. I'm looking forward to keep working and right now I'm 7 weeks out. I'm going to give it all I got for the next 4 weeks so that i can find people who are going to get baptized in my mission. I love the mission and I'm glad to be here. BUUUUUUTTTTTT that all being said I'm glad that in 7 weeks I'm finishing up. I'm tired. My body is tired. Its hurt haha. I went to the doctors this week for a shoulder that has been bothering me, I have been losing motion and its uncomfortable to sleep on it, and they said i need to get a magnetic resonance on my shoulder to see if I tore it out. I have an appointment this Tuesday night. So the next week i should know if my shoulder is good or not. Other than that nothings new, We hope to have a couple more baptisms this week.
A couple of pictures to the wedding. Carlos used my suit so...

we decided to go in skinny jeans. jajajaja
Love you all
Elder Jensen

Monday, June 13, 2016

Chacabuco 17 -- Email from 13 June 2016

Hey all,

This week was really well. We brought six people to the church and we have 3 progressing investigators. We are going to have a wedding and 2 baptisms this week. Its going to be the parents of one of my converts named Brandon! He was baptized back when i first got here in march, and tomorrow his mom and stepdad are getting married and they are going to get baptized this Saturday! Its going to be a great week! :) We are also working a ton through the recent converts and the Members a ton, and its super fun. We are receiving a ton of help. So I'm pretty pumped for that and I'm pumped for all the people we are finding! I cant believe that in 8 weeks I'm headed home. Its crazy for me to think about that. The time is flying by, but I'm enjoying it. We all bought skinny jeans last week so I'm ready for the dates. I will send you a picture. I'm bulking up. I can curl a fifty pound dumbbell now so that's pretty sweet!! I'm going to do a diet to slim down the fat on my stomach and I'm going to be good. 

I'm super excited about the Richios coming out to see us! Its going to be a lot of people. Its going to be a huge change for me but I'm down. 
Love you all. 
Elder Jensen 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Chacabuco 16 -- an email from 6 June 2016


This week was great. We live with four missionaries here, and sadly Elder Jensen left the last transfer. The new elder that came in his place is from Montana and he doesn't speak any English. He is pretty cool and it has been pretty fun helping him out with the Spanish and speaking English with him because I'm the only one of us four who speaks English haha. That was pretty cool, and the coolest part is that his birthday was this Saturday. We had a party in the night with some of the members, and we ate pizza and cake for his birthday. Its so funny because he doesn't understand anything haha. Also, we had two baptisms this Saturday! Felipa and her daughter Dalila were baptized. The other sister Lourdes was ready and passed her interview, but she didn't want to get baptized for some reason. We are hoping that in these next couple of weeks she will be ready and her heart will be softened so that she feels ready. Nadia and Justina are doing so well. It makes me so happy to see them progressing in the church. They are going to be some of my best converts that i have after the mission. They go to church every Sunday, and are really active and the members are fellow shipping them really well! :) 

Well, I don't know what more to say. I'm going to go shopping for a couple pairs of jeans today and maybe a cool jacket or something. If i pull out more money this week don't worry. Also, a missionary asked to buy my camera. How much did you guys buy it for so that i can sell it for a good price. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 30, 2016

Chacabuco 15 -- an email from 30 May 2016

Hey everyone.

This week has been really great. We worked really hard and we were able to keep helping the family of Lourdes so that they can come to church and keep progressing. They should have there baptism this Saturday. Please pray so that everything goes well with them.They are doing really well, but are just a little nervous for the baptism. but I'm sure that it will be well. I'm going to give it my all so that they can get baptized. I stayed in my area for another change, so I should be here at least until the middle of July.  The next change is four weeks exactly from my departure date. So right now i am officially 10 weeks from being out of here. I can't believe that we are already in June, the time really goes by so fast. I just want to start out by saying that I am super glad and I know that you are all working really hard to have things ready for me when I get back. Thanks for looking for and buying a car and putting lots of work into it. Thanks for looking for an apartment and looking for things to furnish it. These are blessings that I am an unworthy recipient of, but I'm glad for the work that you all are doing. Thanks:)

There's not much to talk about this week. If you have any questions or concerns, ask me them for next week. The villa is good. The people are the best. They love life and are so kind. I'm going to miss this life. I plan on coming back next May if I can save enough money to pay for a flight. I am planning on looking for a job right away so that I can start saving money haha. 
Love you all
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 23, 2016

Chacabuco 14 -- email from 23 May 2016


This week was great. Monday we went with Jorge to an all you can eat barbecue place and it was so good. Then we this Saturday we ate a huge barbecue with president and his family here in the ward. The members wanted to give him a goodbye lunch as he will be leaving the mission the 28 of June. This week we worked really hard so that we could give a good example to the elders under us. We brought a family of three to the church who are progressing to a baptism date the fourth of June. I cant believe that we are already in June. The time flies by so fast that i cant even believe it. The next week we have transfers again and i feel like this transfer just started. I cant believe that the time is going in hyper speed. I hope that i stay for the next transfer! So that you all know, this Wednesday is a holiday in Argentina so they gave us the day off as well, so we are going to be able to write Wednesday if you all want to talk. 

My apartment is sweet. Its in a great location. I'm loving it. I'm pretty pumped for all of the changes that are going to happen. Its hard to think about, but in 11 weeks I'm headed out of Argentina and back to the states. I always thought that this time would never get here. Its so weird that the time is flying by so fast. Tell everyone that i love them, and love you all so much. Love you all. 
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 9, 2016

90 Days Left....Email from 9 May 2016

Hey all.

It was great to talk with you all last night and i am glad that we had time to talk and answer questions. Its so weird that in three short months I'm going to be headed home. I don't know where all the time has went but I'm sure that these last three months are going to go by slow so that i can enjoy them. The next time that we all talk will be in person. Its so weird to think about that. But I'm sure that it will be great. When i come home i think one of my friends here is going to come and fly with me until and stay like two days and then he is going to go to Utah. I told him that its fine haha and that he can stay at our house if he wants. His name is Jorge, my friend that i told you all about. And then when we come back here I'm sure that he will let us stay in his apartment because he owns a couple of them. This week was great, we had a couple of investigators that are progression towards a baptismal date and this week we should have a baptism. Pray for Nadia so that she can be baptized and pray for us that we can help more people! 

I LOVE THE CAR! Its literally like a dream car. I'm going to print out a picture and put in on my desk next to my schedule and I'm going to be so trunky. Jaja Tomorrow we are headed to the temple. I'm pretty excited for that! This week is going to be really great and i hope that your week is great. Let me know what happens with the apartment! try to fix it up this week. 
Love you lots.
Elder Jensen

Monday, May 2, 2016

Chacabuco 11 -- and email from 2 May 2016


This week was better than the last week. I was able to get along a little better with my companion and I am trying to teaching him how to have better relations with the other people. The secret is that you need to treat everyone as if they were your best friend in the world. It helps people feel special and then they have your confidence and they want to be with you! That's what has helped me out in this time here, and i think that might be one of my greatest gifts! Is that god has given me the gift to connect really well with people haha. I'm going to try to keep developing it all of my life so that i can be successful in all that i do. I'm really happy with all of the blessings that god has given me in my life. So This week we worked a lot better. I don't know if i have told you all but for the last 7 months every Saturday to Sunday i fast with my companions and we pray for miracles. Well, this Saturday we were fasting and we found a family of 5 that are super duper ready for the gospel and we have been working with a couple of other people too, and we were able to bring 11 people to the church yesterday! It was a miracle if i have ever seen one. We are preparing 8 of them to be baptized the 14th of may- I hope that everyone keeps preparing and that we can have a baptismal service with 6-8 people! I would be breaking all of my records in the mission! I need your prayers! 

I hope that grandma is getting settled in good! I hope she likes the mountain air:). Its crazy to think that I'm going be home to see her! Tell Katie that i am really proud of her for trying out for the dance team haha. If we never try then we will never know! Keep her head up. I'm more proud of her reaction then anything else! I hope that prom was cool........ The pictures look really great! I cant believe that it takes 45 minutes to put a kimono on. Its a little bit like my preparation every day to put on my mission clothes. Now, i don't even notice a white shirt and tie haha. I just feel like the clothes are normal haha. I hope that you are looking for a place to live and then when i am a little closer to coming home you can look for the jeep and a job! Here's a huge shout out to dad for hooking it up with my schedule! Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help and service! 

I will call this Sunday at 6 the time here. I'm not sure what time it will be there. Use a laptop this time so that the connection is better. I will be able to talk for an hour with you guys haha. So write your questions down:)! 

Love you lots! 
Elder Jensen

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chacabuco 9 -- email from 19 April 2016

Hey parents! 

Today I received a new companion from Peru. He seems really cool so I’m excited about this transfer that we are going to have. It’s likely that we have two transfers together and that he will send me to die in another area for my last three weeks. I can’t believe that the time is flying by so fast. I remember when I was just starting my mission and I can’t believe that time is going by so fast. I feel like the time is flying and at the same time that it’s never going to finish! Haha It's like the time is flying by but it never ends haha. I’m a little more than three months out right now so I’m just trying to hold on and keep working hard for these next 15 weeks. It’s safe to say that I’m ready to get onto the next thing and part of my life. I want other responsibilities. 

Thanks for doing my fafsa and my taxes dad! Thanks for sending a card with money too! I will look for something cool for you all. I think the only two things that worry me are my classes and my living arrangements now haha. It would be sweet if you all could sign me up for the classes this week so that I can be sure to get classes in the morning. It’s going to be really hard to work during the school year if I have classes in the afternoon haha. I hope that everything goes well with that. And it would be cool if you could all fix the living situation before the end of the semester in school. I think it is finished in the beginning of May. 

Here’s a couple of pictures for you all  :) 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Chacabuco -- Week 8 -- an email from 11 April 2016

This was a great week. We had two baptisms! Juana, a woman that is like 55 was baptized and Cailin the daughter of a less active that we reactivated was baptized. Its been cool. I'm not to far from my goal in the mission of baptisms. Now I realize that the baptisms don't really mean anything. What really matters is the change that happens in oneself and the change that you can see in the other people. The baptisms aren't important. 

Hey I  have got to go, but i will write you all the next Tuesday because we have changes this Monday. I hope to see a huge card:)
Love you all
Elder Jensen

Monday, April 4, 2016

Leandro and Martina....and Email from 4 April 2016

Hey Everyone. 

There’s not much to say. This week was long. I’m tired, but happy. We brought a couple of families to the church! This next week we should have two baptisms. I hope that we can keep finding more people to have more baptisms and to help more people so that they can come unto Christ. I love my area, and I am getting along really great with the members. Remember my convert Leandro? Well he and Martina his girlfriend who are also members decided to get married! Here are some pictures. 

Dad, I am super pumped for your program that has been going well. I always knew that your genius was going to get paid off. The patience really pays off. When I get back I can sell the program to other universities for you. I’m really good at convincing people now. I’m sure if I can sell the gospel it will be a lot easier for me to sell a program that saves them a lot of money. 

Elder Matthew Jensen