Monday, June 13, 2016

Chacabuco 17 -- Email from 13 June 2016

Hey all,

This week was really well. We brought six people to the church and we have 3 progressing investigators. We are going to have a wedding and 2 baptisms this week. Its going to be the parents of one of my converts named Brandon! He was baptized back when i first got here in march, and tomorrow his mom and stepdad are getting married and they are going to get baptized this Saturday! Its going to be a great week! :) We are also working a ton through the recent converts and the Members a ton, and its super fun. We are receiving a ton of help. So I'm pretty pumped for that and I'm pumped for all the people we are finding! I cant believe that in 8 weeks I'm headed home. Its crazy for me to think about that. The time is flying by, but I'm enjoying it. We all bought skinny jeans last week so I'm ready for the dates. I will send you a picture. I'm bulking up. I can curl a fifty pound dumbbell now so that's pretty sweet!! I'm going to do a diet to slim down the fat on my stomach and I'm going to be good. 

I'm super excited about the Richios coming out to see us! Its going to be a lot of people. Its going to be a huge change for me but I'm down. 
Love you all. 
Elder Jensen 

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