Monday, April 4, 2016

Leandro and Martina....and Email from 4 April 2016

Hey Everyone. 

There’s not much to say. This week was long. I’m tired, but happy. We brought a couple of families to the church! This next week we should have two baptisms. I hope that we can keep finding more people to have more baptisms and to help more people so that they can come unto Christ. I love my area, and I am getting along really great with the members. Remember my convert Leandro? Well he and Martina his girlfriend who are also members decided to get married! Here are some pictures. 

Dad, I am super pumped for your program that has been going well. I always knew that your genius was going to get paid off. The patience really pays off. When I get back I can sell the program to other universities for you. I’m really good at convincing people now. I’m sure if I can sell the gospel it will be a lot easier for me to sell a program that saves them a lot of money. 

Elder Matthew Jensen

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