Monday, March 21, 2016

My Sweet Leopard Shirt... Email from 21 March 2016


This week was sweet. We worked hard, and are working with a couple people that arrived at the chapel this Sunday. If we have some luck we will have a baptism this next week. I’m trying to work harder to not just baptize but also retain. I want to have a lot of converts here that are active the entire life. The retention is really bad here in Argentina, maybe 10 percent of my converts are 100 percent active in the church and I decided that I want to make that a lot better my last stretch of the mission. I will do what I can and then leave the rest in the hands of the lord. I am on the lookout for people that want to change their lives and stay converted forever haha. I’m enjoying it here. I hope that I can keep up the good work hehehe. 


Well, my knee is a lot better. My stomach is good. We are doing diet right now, and I have a six pack. This last week I bought bunch of clothes with the money I pulled out a couple weeks ago. A member also made me a sweet shirt with leopard print. I either look really incredibly good with that shirt on or I look gay. Give me your opinion hahaha. Here are some pictures. Love you all. I hope everything is going well with registering for my classes and the apartment and the jeep haha. See you in 20 weeks!

Love you
Elder Jensen

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