Monday, March 7, 2016

Leandro from 7 March 2016

Hey family! 

I hope that this week was really good! I’m glad for the pictures that you all sent to me. It looked really nice the wedding! I was surprised at how big everyone looks. When I look in the mirror I feel like I haven’t changed that much haha. I feel like I look the same as I looked when I came her on the mission. Maybe that’s not the case and I just can’t see the change in myself that much, but I sure can see the change in everyone from the pictures. I’m so surprised. I’m glad that the party was fun and that it was safe. I hope that you all have a good rest day today.

So here, Leandro was baptized. :) It was really cool. He is going to get married to his girlfriend Martina and then I hope they get sealed in a year! This next week we have two more baptisms :) They are named Nadia and Justina. They are a mom and daughter and they are really the best. They are so nice and kind and Justina is like a mom to us haha. She took my shoes to be sowed up because the seams ripped out this week! They give us so much food and are really excited for their baptism this week. We are pumped to keep trying to help them so that they can get baptized! I couldn’t take picture here because it’s really dangerous. They sell drugs in lines in the streets and some of the gangs get mad at us and yell at us haha. I have learned that the best thing to do is look down at the ground, keep walking and don’t heed them. If I stop there are going to shoot me for sure. If I take pictures they are going to think I am from the police and I’m done for haha. So that’s why I don’t have pictures haha. 
Dad, did you have a chance to talk to those people so that you can register me for my classes? I know it’s a long ways away but the time is going by really fast!  Mom, continue with my sweatshirt. I’m sure it’s going to be really cool! 

This week I hurt my knee playing football. I’m going to head to the doctors this next week. I hope that it’s not too serious. It hurts to climb stairs and sometimes when I walk I feel like the knee cap doesn’t fall into place. It’s a little worrying. I hope it’s not serious. I bought a knee brace and the last week I have been walking really straight, I’m not trying to bend it at all. It kills me when I have to squat down. My body is falling apart haha:  my knee and my shoulder now haha. 

Love you all.
Elder Jensen

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