Monday, February 29, 2016

Chacabuco -- Week 2. Email from 29 February 2016

Hey all,

This week was really great. I got to my area, and I was really excited to work. My companion and I get along really great, and it’s going to be a good transfer. I’m sure that it’s going to be a fast transfer as well. I hope that everything goes well with the zone. This week Elder Culebro, my companion, and I focused on finding more people, and getting the entire zone excited to find more people and keep baptizing. When I got here our area didn’t have anyone that was progressing towards a baptismal date. We worked really hard this week, and tried to do everything that we could to fix more baptisms, and god blessed us because we were able to find 4 people that went to the church and that are progressing towards a baptismal date. We should have a baptism this week, and for that we are really excited. The zone is composed of 12 companions, 2 sets of sister missionaries and 10 of elders. The zone last week had 10 investigators that were progressing, and this Sunday we were able to raise the number of investigators progressing to 18 as a zone. We are hoping to raise it even more, and a number that’s ideal would be more than 30 investigators that are progressing to a baptismal date. 

WOW! I can’t believe that Katie is already 16 years old. That’s so crazy. The time really passes by fast. She looks all grown up already! I can’t believe that she’s already a young woman. When I left she was a little girl and now she’s all grown up. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE TIME? I’m a little more than 5 months out from ending the mission. I hope that I can finish in this area. I hope that you all have an incredible week and that you are doing lots of great things this week. We had the opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar in person this Wednesday and it was something really cool. He talked a lot about being agents or objects. Objects are acted upon, and agents act upon other things. To be an agent we need to have the faith (confidence) that our heavenly father wants to bless us always. 

As far as the living situation goes I’m happy with what you all choose. I hope that you can find something relatively close to the campus. I would like to ride a bike to campus if I can. If not I could use bus or my car. How is the look for a jeep going? I hope that you all are doing great, and I love you all lots. 

Elder Jensen

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