Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Area -- email from 23 February 2016

This week was good.  I was sick as a dog this Friday to this Sunday.  I was dying, throwing up a ton Friday in the night.  I am starting to feel better now.  I have been highly medicated and trying to keep getting better.  Also, I had to say goodbye to a lot of converts sick haha it was a fun experience.  I love Patricia and Brenda and I hope that we can keep in touch with them.  They are going to take me to the airport when I am ready to get out of here, so I will be able to see them again. 

Then I got a call that I am headed to the Villa 1-11-14 or la Villa Chacabuco.  It’s the biggest villa in the entire mission and it has been my dream to go there.  I’m pretty pumped.  Hey there is a problem with emails so you need to tell me if you have received this or not.   If you haven’t received this call the office of the mission and they can change it.  I hope that you all get this. 

Love you all
Elder Jensen

Post Script
It is time to update the map.   Here is where Matt has been...

  1. Pacheco
  2. Avellaneda
  3. La Boca
  4. Vucetich
  5. and now Villa 1-11-14 (or Villa Chacabuco)

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