Monday, February 15, 2016

A Delayed Email -- from 15 February 2016

Hey   :) 

I hope that you are all good.  I haven’t received any chats from you all.  I think that you all aren’t on or that the internet doesn’t work.  I’m good here.  This last week we worked really hard and in the end of the week we had 3 more baptisms. WHOOOOOOO!:)   It was a great day.  I baptized Angel who is 17.  He was really Feliz and he is friends of all of the members from the Capilla.  My companion baptized Marcos, the little boy who is 11.  He is the son of Isabel who was baptized a couple of weeks ago.   Also, Jackeline was baptized by elder Cook.  She is the nephew of an active member. 

IT was a great Sunday.  I hope that we can find a ton of people this week so that we can finish with progressing investigators.  I know that this area has a ton of people that are ready to receive the restored gospel in their lives.  This next week we have transfers and it’s almost a sure thing that I get transferred to a new area.  Whatever happens I will let you know this next Tuesday.

As far as school goes it makes me pretty sad that I can’t go to BYU now, but it’s alright.  All of the signs are pointing towards CSU this fall.  Have you been in contact with Michael?  Also I was looking at the application and it looks like I can do it all here, but if you all want to do it instead then here’s the link: I started an application online, but if you did it already I can delete it. 

Elder Jensen

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