Monday, February 1, 2016

Sick and really. Email from 1 February 2016

Hey all.

This week was really good, but tiring.  I’m dying slowly in the mission haha.  Everyday I feel more and more tired. I feel like I am losing steam to keep doing this haha, its killing me. My shoulders always hurt, my stomach is always upset and my head always hurts from the sun. I always feel exhausted. Everyday it’s harder and harder to study. When I get back I’m going to go to the doctor and they are going to do a full body exam.

We are already in February. I can’t believe it. It went by so fast for me. In six months officially I will be home. It’s weird to me, because the life before the mission just kind of feels like it wasn’t real, or that it never happened. This week we worked hard, and the zone is achieving things that are crazy. We have 20 percent of the baptisms of the mission right now as a mission in our one zone. We are really happy with all of the work that everyone is putting in here. We had two progressing investigators this week, but it looks like we aren’t going to have baptisms until the 14th. We are going to keep working hard so that we can have more baptisms this transfer.

I have been thinking and I think that UofU and BYU and CSU are my options. But, if I can’t get instate tuition at UofU then I will have to mark it off my list. I would like to go there and room with Elliott if it’s possible to get instate tuition. If Ben and Michael don’t answer you guys it’s alright, I can always live in an apartment close to campus with a random selection of roommates, or I can live at home. I will be talking to my president this week to see if he can pull a few strings so that I can get into BYU. We will see what happens.

Love you all!
Elder Jensen

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