Monday, February 8, 2016

Holidays, Baptisms, and College -- email from 8 February 2016

This week was good. We should have two baptisms this next week so we are pretty happy. We are going to keep working hard, and I want to find a lot of new people this week so that we can keep progressing and helping the ward. I hope that I can count on your prayers to help us out. Today it’s a holiday and there isn’t much time to write, we are going to be on until 6ish here and then this Wednesday we are going to get on to write. We can chat from 6-8 your time. 

I talked with my president of mission and we talked a lot about my plans for college and he said that I wouldn’t be living up to my potential if I chose to go to UVU. I agree with that, as my plans are to get a good job and start my own business so it doesn’t really work that well together. He also gave me permission to work on some applications if you all need me to do something. He told me that I should apply for BYU and CSU again and if I get rejected from BYU it’s because for some reason or another God wants me to go to CSU for at least a year and apply to BYU again. I hope that everything goes well with you for this week and that you have a good time.

Love you! 
Elder Jensen

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