Monday, January 25, 2016

In the Zone and Life decisions -- email from 25 January 2016

This week was good. The four investigators got confirmed and we have two more baptisms planned for the 7th of February. We are working hard here, and I feel exhausted. I don’t rest very well in the summer. I sleep but I don’t feel well rested when I get up. It’s so hot here and the sun kills me every day. I love my area, and my companion. I’m excited for this transfer. I think that we are going to be able to find and baptize many people. I’m excited for the zone.
I am ripping my hair out with this college decision. I want to go to the school where I can get the best education and where I can have the best degree. My Options right now are CSU, BYU, UVU, and UofU. I don’t know about UVU because I want to get a masters, and the undergrad degree isn’t very good there. If I went there I could live with Ethan Leonard. UofU is a good school, about the same as CSU, but a little more costly and farther away. I don’t know anyone there except for Elliott smith, and I’m not sure if he is able to live with me. The last option is CSU. I LOVE CSU. I love Fort Collins. CSU is the cheapest and the closest to home. It’s the same as UofU in undergrad wise. If I live there I would have to find a house with Ben or Michael. The downsides are that it would be harder for me to find a wife in the church and it would be harder for me to avoid vices. I am utterly lost with taking a decision. My heart says CSU. I have friends there, and I wouldn’t be alone. I’m afraid of going to a new school where I don’t know anyone. I’m so lost with this decision I don’t even want to make a decision. :(

I hope this week you can get in contact with Ben and Michael to see what their plans are. Also with Elliott smith. I already talked with Ethan.

Love you all.
Elder Jensen

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