Monday, January 4, 2016

A couple of from 4 January 2016


This week was really good. Vincent and Celeste were confirmed members of the Church. They came alone with the family, and showed up 10 minutes early. Then we had the baptism of two kids named Alejandro and Robinson. Alejandro is 9 and Robinson is 8. They are the brother (Ale) and kid (Robinson) of the president of the relief society. Alejandro was a baptism for us, while Robinson was a baptism of the ward. But he asked me to baptize him and my companion baptized Alejandro his cousin. It was really cool and now they are going to get confirmed this next week! We also brought Sara and Oscar to the chapel, and they should get married Friday if everything goes well with the paperwork today. So they should get married Friday and baptized Sunday. Hopefully the paperwork is going good. Also, we brought a new family to the church named Isabel. She has five sons, and the oldest two went with her. They are named Ezequil and Marcos. They all should get baptized the 17th of January. We have transfers this week, but i think its almost sure that I'm going to stay here one more. I hope at least. 

This week I have an interview with president about the date that I am going to go home. I hope he lets me go the transfer early, but maybe he wants me to stay like two more weeks or something. Thanks for everything that you all do for me. Here are some pictures. 
Elder Jensen

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