Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Week -- Email from 28 December 2015


I hope the rest of the week was really great for all of you all. I enjoyed talking to all of you and I didn’t even feel trunky or homesick. Also I wanted to give thanks to all of the people from the ward that sent me Christmas cards. And also mom for organizing it. Well, the week has been relatively normal after Christmas. This Sunday we had the baptism of Vincent and Celeste. Here are a couple of pictures of the baptism. I baptized Celeste and my companion baptized Vincent. It was awesome. This week we will have the baptism of the kids of a couple leaders in the ward that are nine.
Well, here it’s hot. Like unbearably hot. I am dying now. I can’t sleep. Every night I wake up sweating, and I take a shower with my clothes on and then sleep again in front of the fan. I forgot the summer so fast, but it’s back again. Well, next week I am going to talk to president about when I am headed out, but I hope that we can figure things out so that I can head out in July.

Elder Jensen

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