Monday, May 2, 2016

Chacabuco 11 -- and email from 2 May 2016


This week was better than the last week. I was able to get along a little better with my companion and I am trying to teaching him how to have better relations with the other people. The secret is that you need to treat everyone as if they were your best friend in the world. It helps people feel special and then they have your confidence and they want to be with you! That's what has helped me out in this time here, and i think that might be one of my greatest gifts! Is that god has given me the gift to connect really well with people haha. I'm going to try to keep developing it all of my life so that i can be successful in all that i do. I'm really happy with all of the blessings that god has given me in my life. So This week we worked a lot better. I don't know if i have told you all but for the last 7 months every Saturday to Sunday i fast with my companions and we pray for miracles. Well, this Saturday we were fasting and we found a family of 5 that are super duper ready for the gospel and we have been working with a couple of other people too, and we were able to bring 11 people to the church yesterday! It was a miracle if i have ever seen one. We are preparing 8 of them to be baptized the 14th of may- I hope that everyone keeps preparing and that we can have a baptismal service with 6-8 people! I would be breaking all of my records in the mission! I need your prayers! 

I hope that grandma is getting settled in good! I hope she likes the mountain air:). Its crazy to think that I'm going be home to see her! Tell Katie that i am really proud of her for trying out for the dance team haha. If we never try then we will never know! Keep her head up. I'm more proud of her reaction then anything else! I hope that prom was cool........ The pictures look really great! I cant believe that it takes 45 minutes to put a kimono on. Its a little bit like my preparation every day to put on my mission clothes. Now, i don't even notice a white shirt and tie haha. I just feel like the clothes are normal haha. I hope that you are looking for a place to live and then when i am a little closer to coming home you can look for the jeep and a job! Here's a huge shout out to dad for hooking it up with my schedule! Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help and service! 

I will call this Sunday at 6 the time here. I'm not sure what time it will be there. Use a laptop this time so that the connection is better. I will be able to talk for an hour with you guys haha. So write your questions down:)! 

Love you lots! 
Elder Jensen

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