Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chacabuco 21 -- an email from 12 July 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week was so great. But so great! We had the baptisms of Liz and Andrea so that was really spiritual. The zone is killing it and we had 9 baptisms as a zone. So i'm super pumped. It was a great week. Then we had transfers and i thought i was going to get sent to another area to finish my mission. I was so sad, and all of the converts were so sad. I don't think that i have had a day so sad in all of my mission. And then in the night we received the mail and it turns out that i'm going to stay together with  my companion for a third transfer! Whoooo. Im going to stay in chacabuco And finish here! Im so excited. and scared that i'm only here for four weeks left. I don't want to leave, but all things come to an end at one point. 

Well, Everything here is good. If you want me to get you all something from Argentina let me know this week so that i can find it before im out of here. Love you all a lot and i wish you all luck moving haha. 
Elder Jensen

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