Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baptism and Transfers -- Email from 05 May 2015

Janet and the members of the ward too! 
This week was really good. One, I can’t believe that we are already in May. Two, we worked really hard and our work paid off because we had a baptism Sunday! Oh yeah! Janet was baptized this week approximately 8 days after we found her. She is a beast, and was really prepared for the gospel. So that was a miracle and we finished the transfer with her baptism. Then, we got the notice that we will be staying together another transfer to work here. Hopefully we can have another transfer with even more success. 

We went to the hospital this Wednesday to see if I have something wrong with my stomach. They put me on a pretty strict diet and I have to only eat stuff that is good and healthy for me, like rice, chicken and other stuffs like that. Also I’m not allowed to drink anymore water from the tap. I am going to keep doing a bunch of tests to see if they can figure out what I have, or if I just have the same thing that grandpa has a weak stomach. I weighed in at 169. Ha-ha I don’t really fit into my suits anymore ha-ha they are both to big on me. I’m going to eat a lot this transfer so that I can gain weight again. Oh also, the elder from Chile said that his family hasn’t received the package yet. I don’t know if you guys want to talk to the family to make sure everything was right or not. I’m going to send pictures and everything’s well here. Sell the house and buy another if you guys want! 
And I am going to get on to skype you at 5 o clock this Sunday. I’m going to get on with the same name so just call me or if you have another name let me know. 

Elder Jensen

At the lunches with the area missionaries.

I found elder hansen with some members from pacheco!

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