Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Work Hard, No Regrets -- Email from 26

Well this week was pretty good! We worked really hard and although we didn’t have anyone that made it to church this Sunday, I know that we did everything possible to help our investigators attend. Last week we found a lot of really good people that we are going to work with, and hopefully this next week we can have a couple of people in the church. It’s funny that sometimes when we work hard and fail, if we give it our all we aren’t sad. I have no regrets about this last week. I’m writing today because yesterday we had a giant activity as a mission and it was really good. We played soccer, basketball, ate hamburgers and watched the new movie from the church, meet the Mormons. It was sick, and we had the opportunity to see everyone in the mission. It was a huge pump up because up to now in the year we haven’t had as much success as we did the last year as a mission, so the president wanted to get everyone good and motivated. 

As for me I’m doing well. I’m starting to put on a little weight again which is really awesome. I’m working hard, and trying to improve my Spanish slowly. Also yesterday I got your package and it was really good. Thanks for the meds, razors, shirts, candy, and especially that quilt. I slept with it last night and I was pretty happy with a nice blanket instead of a blanket of wool that’s just super heavy. That’s about all I have to write about today, and I will be on next Monday bright and early to chat. Will send photos.

Elder Jensen

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