Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Planning for the Future -- Email from 22 September 2015


This week was good. We brought seven people to the chapel: 4 recent converts, 2 investigators and a less active; so I would say that it was a pretty successful week. We found a couple of new investigators in the church too, so that was a blessing that we needed here. This week president did divisions with us and it was pretty good, and he was impressed by our work that we have done in our area. And also he wanted to meet the family of Laura. So that was pretty stellar. This week was a little hard for us to find new investigators, but I’m sure that this next week will go real good. 

When is Brother Johnson going to come here?  You have to let me know with heads up so that I can prepare things to send home for you all.  How is everyone?  I hope that you all are feeling better now.  I was a little under the weather too, but today we entered into spring! So it should start heating up again and I won’t have to worry so much about getting sick because it’s cold. 

To answer your question mom, I’m really not sure who I’m going to live with when I get back. Michael has asked me if I want to live with him and also Brandon asked me if I want to live with him. I’m pretty sure that I am headed to CSU again, but I’m not sure where I’m going to live yet. I’ve already told my friends that if I live with them that we will have a house that’s quiet without parties. I’m planning on focusing on my schoolwork and myself. Maybe I will end up living at home ha-ha. We will see what happens. Well I’m headed out!

Love you lots.
Elder Jensen

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