Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference and Struggles -- Email from 5 October 2015


Us with the assistants
Haircuts with Alejandro a member.
This week was a little hard.  We aren't having as much success as we had the last transfer but we are still working hard and looking for the miracles.  This week we working really hard, but I'm almost out of ideas with what we can do to find more people in our are here.  It's like 8 for 8 blocks and a little villa.  I feel like I have done a lot already to find people and I am struggling to find more people.  But we will find someone who is ready.  We have been finding a lot of people through the family of Laura and that is helping is so far. But we need to find more through them. Like someone who is ready to get baptized. We will see what happens this week! I'm going to work really hard and give it my all my last two weeks here in the La Boca. 

I had a couple of thoughts from the conference. The theme of this conference was Women. Mom I think that you would especially like the talk from Elder Holland. For me, the best talk of all of the conference was from Elder Hales. I really thought that his talk showed a lot of wisdom. I too, like mom was really surprised in the choice of the new apostles. Its a good thing that we aren't the prophets because we would have totally messed up to put more diverse people as apostles. In sometime I'm sure that it will happen. But that's about all.
Elder Jensen
Ice Cream!

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