Monday, October 26, 2015

Vucetich Semana 2 -- Email from 26 October 2015


The location of Matt's new area.  Vucetich, J.C. Paz, Buenos Aires
This week was really good. I get along really well with my new companion and he is a beast. Like a really good missionary. We are working really hard together and this next week we should have four baptisms. This area is huge, nothing like my older area. It’s like this size of a small town, and everything is spread out. It is really poor. Like really poor. Many people live in one room houses, and pretty much everyone is outside all of the time. All of the streets are of dirt. It’s like 40 minutes from Pacheco my first area, more in the other direction from capital. One of our investigators that we are teaching her is named Porfiria (Por-fid-eya), and she is from Paraguay. She is like 40 and all of her kids are already members and she is excited to get baptized this next Sunday. Here’s the kicker. She can’t read. We are teaching her to read and teaching her the gospel. It’s like two birds with one stone haha. And then we have a family named the family Fernandez. In the family there are Oscar and Sarah, the mom and dad. They are going to get married in the first week of December, and are going to get baptized that first week, but there three kids, Stefani, Anthony and Adrian are going to get baptized this Sunday as well. We are also working with a couple other possibilities. But this week was really good. I’m exhausted.
On another note, we started to do a ton of exercise and we are eating really healthy. I’m going to try and bulk up a ton and then cut off all of the fat for when I get done with the mission in 10 months. You should send a couple of boxes of protein bars and some money if you can for Christmas. AND I NEED GUMMY VITAMINS, LIKE TWO THINGS TO LAST ME TO THE END OF THE MISSION. And FOUR MORE RAZOR HEADS. Other than that, be creative and surprise me! :) If you have any questions let me know!

Elder Jensen

I thought it would be cool to see the different locations Matt has served in.  Here is a map with his stops. 

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