Monday, November 2, 2015

Vucetich -- Week 2: Lots of Baptisms -- Email from 2 November 2015

This week we worked really hard, and we had three of the four baptisms. So that is sick :) I will send you a picture. Adrian, Stephany, and Anthony all were baptized! I will send you a couple of pictures. 

Our zone is getting motivated too! We baptized 5 as a zone, and it was 20 percent of the baptisms of the mission! Hooray! We are still working hard, and leaving personal commitments with the elders to work harder, and find more people to reach the goals of the month as a zone. We are going to work really hard this week as well to fix the baptism of Porfiria and to find new investigators so that we can keep baptizing this transfer. I hope that we can keep doing it. Pray for miracles here in the zone.

My favorite part of my area is always seeing horses haha. There are a ton of horses. I really want to ride a horse to my area every day, but it’s not allowed :(

It’s alright if you all meet me in the Denver airport.
Wow, I can’t believe that the whole family is going to come out to Colorado to see me when I come home. 

The time doesn’t change here. So that’s good. And it would be a good idea to go ahead and apply at CSU for me again.  I hope that you all are looking for my car also :) A cool jeep wrangler or something like that!

Elder Jensen

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