Monday, December 15, 2014

Teaching the Children -- Email from 12/15/14


Bueno, So you guys can take like $200 from my account and pay it as a tithe. I thought that my preparations for my mission that I paid would be enough.  But, yeah, you guys should pay like $200-250 more so that I can say I am a full tithe payer.  That's fine with me.  Also this week I received all of your letters and all of the money was there, so that is a good way that we can get money here. I also got all of the photos! Thanks for sending those.
This week has been good. We have been working really hard, and without any luck, but its okay. We had stake conference this week, and a counselor in the state presidency started his talk about us. He talked about how we always bring such a good spirit to his house (my companion and I). And then he talked about a time where we shared a video " El es la Dadiva" or "he is the gift" in English!  We watched the video, and then read a couple of scriptures about Christ being our gift. He asked his six year old son to read a scripture, and his son is really shy, and said "But Dad, I have shame about reading in public". I responded with " That is the Dadiva. Jesus know exactly what you are feeling right now in this instant." President Maciel talked about that experience for awhile, and how even a 6 year old can understand how much Jesus is our gift in this season of the holidays. So that was pretty cool.
The members here are awesome. They love us a lot, and we love them. They know that this area is harder and they are trying there best to help us find people just like we are. They know that it is a group effort, and that only together we are going to find people for them to baptize. We just need to be patient now as we try to find others. This area is a lot like the states in almost every aspect, but it is good, because it is teaching me how to work with the members and be patient!
Dad, the eagles better win this next week and take first again. Also, sell the timeshare, keep looking for a Delorean:)  Mom, Kick the diet coke habit to the curb. How is my sweatshirt coming along.  Keep up the good work guys! Send the information for skype this next email so that I can call you two. I'm going to call at five in Argentina, which is like one in Colorado. So be ready then!

Love you guys
Elder Jensen

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