Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Transfer Day...Staying Put -- Email from 12/30/14


My new Companion Elder Martinez
How are you guys! It was nice to talk to you both this last Christmas day. Don't worry about the connection, I'm sure there was a reason that it was so spotty. Maybe it was so I wouldn't get to homesick. I don't know, but we are gonna see. This was a sick week? I'm sorry to hear that you all had the flu, and I hope you all got over it fast. 

Today we had transfers. Elder Hansen left Pacheco and I stayed and got a new companion. A Latino!  His name is Elder Jimmy Martinez, and he is from Guatemala. He speaks all Spanish, and no English, so it will be cool to have the opportunity to push my Spanish a bit. He goes home after this transfer, so he has a lot of time and experience in the mission which is pretty cool. And he was a zone leader the last transfer. So pretty much he is a beast and I am in god hands. I will be here until March probably, because he will leave for home after this next transfer, and I will stay another one, until the next elder who comes gets the ropes. Right now we are at a lack of investegadores, but we are going to work very hard to baptize this transfer. I'm going to have to work so hard these next three months to find and baptize people but that's alright. 

Mom- A couple things. One, you can sow the sweatshirt! I know you can within two years. This last week I learned how to juggle, so if I can do that, than you can sew a sweatshirt. 

Dad-Love you, and keep searching the scriptures! they are a source of power and guidance.

Spiritual Thought...People need to feel love coming from you guys.  If they can feel Jesus' love through you guys then you are doing your job. If he can't, than you really aren't being a true disciple of Christ. What helps me when I don't get along with someone here is to just think about all of there positives rather than negatives. Negatives are going to drive you insane and make you feel bad about your situation. Positives are going to make everyone happier.

I will send some pictures today too! 

Love you All 
Matthew Jensen

Members Laura llerena and her mom
With the Rudas Family.  

Elders on Christmas Morning 2014
Elders Hansen and Jensen

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