Monday, January 5, 2015

Gold Mining -- Email from 1/5/15

Hola mama.

I’m glad this week was good for you! It’s weird to think that we are already in 2015. It seems like time is flying. I like your goals. I’m going to evaluate them quarterly to see if you can do it. I know you can! Just sit down and make a plan and then stick to it. Try to go an entire year without drinking any diet coke. It’s healthier and will break the habit. I am glad that you have put some good goals. We put some goals here too. I want to have 20 Bautismos and a lot more by the time I have hit a year in the mission. It should be sick. I think that I will be able to do it easy. 

Did all of my friends get my letters? What did they think? Did you like the Alfajores? The Alfajores in white are good. The chocolate are okay. They have Dulce de leche in them which is kind of like caramel, but they don’t have it in the states – and its cool that Brother Walsh liked them.

This week here was really good. We didn’t get anyone to church but we are going to do a lot in this transfer. Elder Martinez is a beast.  He has a lot of energy all the time, and has no fear to be bold when talking to people. It’s really cool. My Spanish has already gotten a lot better after this week with him, and I am excited to see how good it will be by the time he heads home. He is super positive and super obedient, and I am learning a lot of how to teach people, and I’m getting very good at asking people direct questions with a purpose. It’s cool. I would have to say that elder Martinez is one of the best in the mission, and I am learning a ton from him everyday. 

We found a family of less actives this week that are going to be a gold mine. This guy, Brother Sanchez, has 14 kids, and 46 grand kids, and only like 6 are members. So we are going to be doing a lot of work with them to get more of them baptized and members. We are trying to get three people in church this week so that should be good. 

Everything is good here. I love Elder Martinez and this week has been the most fun in the mission. I also decided that if you guys want to get me a jeep instead of a Delorean so I can get up to the mountains I wouldn’t be disappointed. But it needs to be a soft top Jeep Wrangler!

Dad – Thanks for the updates. I hope Steve gets the job. Help mom with her goals! Give her encouragement and positive reinforcement when she isn't drinking diet coke or when she is exercising! It’s hard to achieve goals sometimes, and encouragement always helps. Katie needs to get her grades in order.  

I’m glad the family is good.  And it’s good to just take a step back, and relax. There’s really nothing that worth getting worked up about.

I think that [people in general] need to get motivated and have some drive to work and do something with their lives! The world isn’t going to give us anything.  Planning is essential. I will use a planner for the rest of my life thanks to the mission.  I have found is that deadlines make people work.  We get a call from our district leader every night and we have to say what we did that will help us reach our goal. It gets us very motivated to work for our goals. When I come back I’m going to try not to let my hobbies become my life.

Love you Guys
Elder Jensen

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