Monday, January 12, 2015

Pictures, Sunburn, and Robbery -- Email from 1/12/15


So I uploaded the pictures to Facebook from my camera. So I wasn't breaking any rules or anything. We were Portos de Fruitos, which is like a huge tourist attraction here. They have all of the cool stuff that I want to buy why i am in Argentina. If I pull out money from my account it will be to go back there and buy some stuff. I'm going to get some stuff to remember Argentinian of. But I have time for that ha ha. I still have a ton of time to be here before i can think about coming home. You can write me and send a 20 or something because I want to make sure it gets through. If you want to put some more money in my account instead, that's alright too, its much faster and more reliable that way. I feel a little more comfortable with using that on a regular basis than the mail. 

How was your guys week? Are you guys tired of winter yet? Because I am tired of summer here. the top of my head keeps getting burnt every day ha ha. I'm done with the heat and the sun. I can't wait until I am back in Colorado with no humidity, and a normal amount of sun that wont burn me through my hair. It's kinda weird that Katie is about to start drivers ed. Its is even more weird that she will have her own car and be able to drive when I get home. And Emily is already 22? It feels like just yesterday she was turning 21. The truth is that time is flying by. I can't believe that Savannah is already on her way home. And I am almost six months in. If the mission keeps going by this fast then I am going to be home before anyone ever realized that I was gone. 

Were doing good here. Were not having a ton of success yet, but were working hard, and always working. We are trying everyday to get better and find more people. I'm a so tired every day when i lay down to go to bed. I don't think I have ever slept so easily in my entire life. We are trying to primarily work through the less actives here, and find people in their families that we can teach. We are teaching a lot and my Spanish is getting killer. Well its probably still bad, but I think its killer. Not really much is going on here. 

Yesterday I got robbed, but all he took was my watch so no harm there. We are fine. Some guy just stopped us and wanted all of our stuff. He got in Elder Martinez's face, and got in mine and I just laughed and gave him the watch and a couple pesos. We not allowed to fight because the area will get closed down. We wanted to but he said he had a gun (he didn't, so don't worry), so we just gave him what he wanted.  Not much I can really do about it haha. If he tried to hit one of us we would've stomped him --1 vs 2. I can mark that off my list now.  I might pull out some pesos to buy a new watch.

I'm sad to hear that the broncos and the eagles both aren't in the play offs, but its just because they are saving it for the year that i get back from the mission. The Phillies are going to be killer by the time i get back. Were going to be champs in every sport in the year 2016.  I hope everything is going good there. I'm sure they are. Keep your eyes peeled for a nice jeep or something. Parents come out here, but not a lot, and I don't think that you guys should. 

Love you all. 
Elder Matthew Jensen

it rains really hard every three days here

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