Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Work, Work, No Results -- Email from 1/26/15


I hope that your week was good. Life is moving [along] here. I have been learning a lot this last week, from a spiritual sense. I’m still bored out of my mind and don’t know how I am going to endure two years of this. But I have been learning a lot and focusing on perfecting my Spanish and staying positive. Still we have less here now than ever. What I think you guys don’t understand is that the lessons that we teach are not sit down good lessons. We count lessons if we talk to someone and teach a couple points and then leave a commitment like pray or read this pamphlet or book. So we teach a lot of those, and it is a rare occasion that we are able to sit down and actually teach a good lesson. Also, I really am not allowed to talk to people or investigators about much more than the church because it wastes a lot of time. So it’s not like I’m not connecting with people it’s like we don’t have anyone who wants to progress to be baptized in this area. We have a lot of people that we can teach, but none of them want to progress so it is a waste of time to teach them. We spend most of our time looking for new people here. This last week we didn’t find anyone worthy of mentioning, and we stopped working with all of the others because they aren’t progressing (coming to church and reading scriptures). So right now we have nobody who is progressing for a baptism in three weeks. 

If I was having success I would feel like I wasn’t wasting my time.  If people progressed, and were converted or even if we had a good investigator to teach [that would make it better]. Progressing is someone who does all of the commitments that we leave. Like if we invite someone to read there scriptures, pray, and attend church and there not doing it than there not progressing.  We don’t have anyone that has any real interest in progressing.  Nobody wants to hear our message.  More people want to talk to me in English than want to hear our message.  

This area is one of the hardest areas in the mission.  We didn’t have any success with Elder Hansen and he got really depressed in this area.  Elder Martinez is trying hard and is always positive, but he gets to go home in two weeks so I think he is looking forward to that more than anything.   I’m frustrated because I spend my days walking around a town in Argentina getting rejected all day, and I am going to be here until the 24 of March. So that’s why I’m frustrated.  I keep praying that we find someone but I haven’t received any answers to my prayers. Dad - you went to church, but I could be in Colorado and get you to church.  I came to Argentina to get others to church. 

I talked to the Mission President about this in my last interview. He said that if I can make it through this time in the mission I can make it through anything. He said his mission was still the hardest time in his life.   So, I have also learned that we only grow when we do things outside our comfort zone. 

I learned a lot this week about commandments. I learned that every commandment that we get is for our benefit. There isn’t a commandment that has been given that is bad for us. The second thing I learned is that when we keep the commandments we are showing are love for God. I like to read Matt 22:36-40 and then after that one read john 14:22. We learn from these scriptures that when we follow commandments we do it for our love for God, no more, no less. If we aren’t following the commandments than we really love sinning more than we love God. That’s what I learned this week.

Love you.
I got to Go! Hasta Proximo Lunes!


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