Monday, February 2, 2015

Success...Well Maybe -- Email from 2 Feb 2015


This has been a good week. We worked hard and this Friday we received a call from president [saying] that he is going to close our area of Pacheco because of the lack of missionaries. 45 missionaries are leaving and 20 are coming. In the next three transfers over 100 missionaries are headed home out of the 250 that we have. The number of missionaries’ full time here is going to drop from 250 to like 195.  So president told us that he would rather put us in an area where we are going to have more success. It’s cool because our mission has the entire city. They are combining the two areas in Pacheco into one.  We’re going to be working in the other area this week with the other elders to try and strengthen their areas before we are pulled out. Also, this next Tuesday I get transferred. I hope I get sent to the capital.

Speaking of success we had two investigators in the capilla [chapel] this Sunday. One is a child of 8 anos, the son of Norma the old investigator. He is 8 years old and she wants him baptized so we are going to do it this next Sunday. The other was a woman named Kris who moved here from Peru two Sundays ago, and she isn’t baptized but has gone to church since she was little. She came to the chapel alone and introduced herself to us. So that was a huge blessing. It’s a bit unlikely that she will be baptized this week but were going to try to commit her for this Sunday. I’m not leaving until next Tuesday so I hope that she will commit this Sunday. If she waits for two Sundays the other elders that take over the area will baptize her. 

What I learned this week: I watched other elders who have struggles getting along.  Some don’t try to get along with their compaƱero.  I realized that it is pretty easy to get along with anyone, you just have to work hard and really try and smile a lot too.  I guess I learned that I can get along with anyone if I want to.

This last week I had a crazy food poisoning Saturday morning. I woke up and was throwing up for like 2 hours and then I was good after that. I think it’s because I found a cockroach in our food from the day before. 

Elder Martinez heads home next week. Since it’s his last p-day, we went to the capital to sight see and buy stuff. Did you know that Buenos Aires is a state and also city? While Pacheco is in the state of Buenos Aires, the capital is the big city. We went Abasto mall and looked around and ate Wendy’s!!! So that was sick. And we are going to walk back in the street 11 and there are street vendors in that street everywhere. All the black guys sell watches and sunglasses for cheap.  I’m going to buy a couple cool ones because they have fake Rolexes and other nice brands but I’m not going to use them until I’m back in the states, or I will get robbed again.

Well I will write you all next Tuesday with my new area and companion.


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