Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My First Baptism and first Transfer -- Email from 10 Feb 2015

Marbela Rios at her baptism
I don’t have much time so this is going to be short. Remember how we were working in the other area in Pacheco for the last week?  I connected well with one of the investigators there and she asked me to baptize her this last Sunday. It was really cool.  I will send pictures next week because I forgot the cord.  Her name is Marbela Rios. It was super cool – one of the coolest things ever.
Today I was transferred to Parque Avellaneda. It’s an area in capital. We have a villa in our area that is eight city blocks squared and we are going to work in that a lot. It’s a poorer area than my last one.  Houses are built on top of other houses and everyone is a foreigner. This area should be fun and I’m excited for this opportunity to work.  Our villa is called Villa Cildañez if you want to look it up.

Lau Llerena
My new companion is Elder Flores from Columbia. We get along well.  He is going to finish the mission in May.  He won’t finish as my companion because he already has 3 transfers in this area but that’s okay. He thinks I am going to train the next transfer here.  Hopefully not for while but he told me he thinks I am ready.  Yeah my Spanish is coming along well.

I don’t have more time but will send pictures next week. Please get on my Facebook and add some friends for me.

Gracias!  Les Amo!

Elder Jensen

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