Monday, February 16, 2015

The New Area -- Email from 16 Feb 2015

Hey all, 

Elder Flores, my new companion from columbia
This week I went to the villa in the intercity. It’s pretty different. A villa is like a ghetto but with house built on top of each other, and instead of roads there are narrow passageways one-person wide to arrive in the houses, which aren’t really houses but more like huts. All the people who live here are immigrants from Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru. All the different ethnicities clash pretty hard. My first day a kid get shot in the knee cap. We were not very close up (a block) but still we booked it out of there. Yesterday a dog tried to bite me but I was defending myself with the book of Mormon and kicked it in the face. It ripped a hole in the book of Mormon. Safe to say that I’m not going to go down that passageway again. They aren’t going to do anything to us because we really don’t have anything to rob and they know that. If they shot down missionaries than the police would be all over them too. It’s safe for us just not for the people who live there. I heard that the night time is bad from a couple members.

This week I’m going to try and find a house of a member to take a picture of the villa. We don’t really have anyone that is progressing right now. We have people who come to church but the problem is that they work in the fair (there is a huge fair where everyone sells stuff in the streets of the villa every Sunday). The investigators come for the reunion sacramental and the leave afterwards to go and sell. So we can’t baptize anyone until they give up selling on Sunday, which nobody in the area is going to do.

Here are some pictures of the baptism of Marbella in Pacheco :)

 Love you all
Elder Jensen

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