Monday, April 20, 2015

Investigators -- Email from 20 April 2015

This week was pretty good. We worked hard and had a good time. We taught 32 lessons with a member and 14 without members present. We are upping all of our numbers. We decided to stop working with Brian, José and Sergio and we left them so we could use our time to work hard and find other people who are more prepared to accept the gospel right now. For like two days we didn’t have anyone that we were working with, but then a member introduced us to the family Ramirez. They are a family of four with Paula and Alfredo as the parents and Miguel as a 15 year old son, and another boy that is 6. They are doing well progressing and we are going to baptize the three the 3rd of May. Also we are working with a woman called Janet that has a baptismal date the 3rd of May too. 

I can’t believe that it already is Monday again. I feel like I have nothing to say ha-ha. I don’t know how the week has passed so fast, or how we are here again on Monday. The days are just going way to fast and it’s crazy. We don’t have transfers for another two weeks so you guys don’t need to worry about that yet. Next Monday is a Monday normal so I will be writing Monday like normal. I have a couple of questions. Mom, are you exercising 3 times a week and reading your scriptures? Are you guys having family prayer and scripture study every night? When do mom and Emily head for Europe? What day is mother’s day so I know when we are supposed to call? Dad, what’s the next car you’re going to flip? Are you two praying together every night? That’s all that I’ve got for today. I hope that everything goes well with you all and that you have a good week! 

Elder Jensen

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