Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference Time -- Email from 06 April 2015

This week was good. We are working hard and the time is motoring. Conference was great! We watched conference in the stake center in Spanish and it was funny because the translation wasn't the best into Spanish and often there were two people talking in Spanish at one time. And the connection dropped like four or five times while we were there! But IT was still a good time. We brought a couple investigators to some of the sessions and they enjoyed it a lot. The bummer of the week was that Brian was supposed to get baptized this week, and everything was going good but the night before his dad came and took him to his house in provincia for the weekend. So we didn't have his baptism this week but now he can get baptized with his friend Jose and sister Yesica. Yesica is going great and is excited for her baptism. Hopefully we can throw all three of them in the water this Sunday but for sure Yesica will baptize. 

Time is flying by with Elder Gabriaguez. I cant believe that i am going into my 9th week here in Parque Avellenada. Time is in hyper speed and i don't think its going to slow down for awhile. Ive been focusing on learning all i can and my Spanish is getting much better. Now i rarely need correcting with my Spanish, but i definitely still sound like a whitey. I don't really know what else i should say, but have a good week and will write to you next week!

Elder Jensen

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