Monday, November 10, 2014

Da Gunz and Crisp Bills -- Email from 11/10/14

Hey All.

Pacheco is sweet. I love it here, and the members are awesome. I am still with Elder Hansen and we have transfers next Monday. I believe we will both stay in Pacheco for one more 6 week transfer, and then he will go, but nothing is for sure. My companion and I try to speak all Spanish, but a lot of times when we are alone we end up talking in English. But when we are out of the house we use entirely Spanish.

I am doing well here. I got all of the pictures that you sent in an envelope. You should print out pictures of the last year and just send them to me in an envelope, and then I can put them into an album here. I eat a lot of rice, and chicken. I love it, but I sure miss some American breakfast food and a good hamburger. When I get back, you can make all of those for me in one big meal.

Elder Hansen and I Flexing the Guns
A run down of my day is that I wake up at six and exercise for an hour. Oatmeal for breakfast, and then studying until 12. We have lunch with a different member family everyday at one, so we go to that and then eat for a while with them. We start our proselytizing after that. We are proselytizing from 3-9 and then planning from 9-930 and bed at ten. We eat so much food for lunch at like two that we don't eat a dinner here. I've gotten pretty ripped - so that's cool.

So this week was good. we still are working hard, but the members attitude towards us is really changed. When I got here some of the ward members were cold to the missionaries as a result of some other missionaries not trying hard and being hard to get along with. But now, they love us. this ward is like 150 people big, and they have everything our home ward has. My companion told me that this is probably the only place in my mission where the ward will be this good.

I'm gonna be so mad if the eagles win the Superbowl the year that I am on my mission. It's gonna be such a let down for me. I'm super tired too, so I feel you. But hey, we can sleep when we are dead.

If you can please send a $50 bill -- this actually is better than a $20 because the members really enjoy trading for big bills. Thanks a million.

Always be trying to strengthen your faith in Christ. I have to go but i love you and will send pictures.
I love you mom and dad and will write you next week.

Elder Jensen

ps. Will write you next Tuesday because of transfers.

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