Monday, November 3, 2014

Tall Blond Catcall -- Email from 11/3/14

Some diner in Buenos Aires.
So first things first, don't send anymore packages. I probably wont receive them. But they don't give us enough money here for food and supplies, we only get 1000 pesos a month, which buys one or the other.  It is only like 100 bucks because the dollar is worth ten pesos. Don't send me money on my card because the bank rate is 8 pesos for every one dollars. However, if you send me crisp bills in a card in the mail, i can trade them with the members for an exchange rate of 15 pesos to ever one dollar. The bills have to be nice and crisp though. So if you send me a crisp $50 in a card, that can go lot longer than if i got it out here.  Almost double. 
This week was super wet!  It rained almost everyday. So that was cool. I have to say I love the rain as much a I love the heat. They are both so different than Colorado. But I love it here, and everyday flies by faster than the last one.  This week, I focus a lot on working with the members.  We were able to find a new family here, that has accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  It is always so awesome when you have lessons to teach because it makes the days fly by.  We have been working like crazy trying to find people to share the gospel with and I know that we can find more.  It's crazy that in two weeks my first transfer is over! These are going to go by very fast.  

Ahh. Norma was progressing pretty well, but she didn't go to church this week, or answer our calls yesterday, so I don't know if she really wants to change anymore.  Its alright though, all humans have there own agency.
I must be the only 6 foot tall blonde kid in Argentina because everywhere i go people stare at me.'s pretty cool.   Women will say "Ayyyy Que lindo.  Una Rubio" when I walk by, which translates to "How pretty, a blonde!"  It's kind of funny, and I am getting the experience of being a minority here too.  And most people here are 5'8" or shorter; so I tower over most people.  

I am starting to get a good handle on the spanish language, but now its hard because I will start talking in spanish and a will slip an English word in here and there because i don't have to think so hard about talking in spanish anymore. I also learned how to roll my Rs now, which i have never been able to do my entire life.  I think after a couple more months of this, that my espaƱol will be doing just fine though.  We don't have air conditioning, and we sleep with a fan on, and I  don't get letters until the end of transfers, so i have no idea.
Will send pictures!
Love you Madre.
Elder Matthew Jensen
Apparently with either an Elder Jensen or an Elder Hicks
The Mission President says my hat is OK to wear!

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