Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transfers and The Wrestling Mat -- Email from 11/18/14


Good to hear everything is going well for you guys. First of all, we had transfers today. So I was worried about Elder Hansen leaving because he is such a beast, but last night we got the call, and we are both staying in Pacheco!  We are so pumped!  Having Elder Hansen as my companion is awesome, because we like the same stuff and both like to wrestle.  This morning we even found a place that has wrestling mats, so we were able to wrestle. He out weighs me by like 10 pounds and is a beast, so he beat me, but it was a lot of fun. We are going to start wrestling every P Day for a little bit as a workout! 

Unlike you all in Colorado, we are amping up to summer right now. It has been getting hotter and hotter everyday, and we are just starting summer. Its sunny and warm, which is cool, but super duper hot. I sweat a lot.  We walk everywhere in this area, but its really different for every area. In our area we should have bikes, because it is all paved. But if we need to get anywhere fast, we just take the bus really fast. So I end up taking the bus like once or twice a day. I was so afraid the first time I was on a bus, because they are crazy drivers, and weave rather than break. But actually I have never seen anyone here every get in an accident. I think if dad was here, he would freak out from the driving. 

The truth is that everything here is like it is in the states, just a little worse. The people are a little stinkier. The cities are a little trashier. The nights are a little more dangerous. The police do a little less here (nothing). People have big fences outside there houses, because it gets dangerous here at night. I have not been robbed yet, and I wont be robbed in this area that I am in. It's a pretty nice area. 

Don't move, That house is really cool. And it doesn't make any sense to move. You guys don't need anymore space. If anything downsizing is what you should think about. Tell mom I said that I think you should stay in that house because I love it. About the food, it is enough because we eat oatmeal in the mornings -- and with the amount we eat in the afternoon I am still stuffed by the time night comes around. 

I want to share a scripture this week from 1st Nephi 11:17.  Here Nephi is talking to an angel, and the angel asks if he knows about God. He gives the best answer ever. He says that He knows God loves his children, but he doesn't know the meaning of all things. We can use this in our lives a lot. Like if something goes wrong or you don't understand something?  If you know God loves you, than you are okay saying "I don't know the meaning of this, but its alright because God loves me and its for my good". 

Love you dad
Elder Mathew Jensen

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