Monday, October 27, 2014

Climbing the Mountain -- Email from 10/27/14

Hi all.

This week was good.  My Spanish is getting better and the time is just flying by.  I love the ward we have here.  The attendance is like 140 people on average, so it is a huge and loving ward.  The families are awesome and feed us so well. 

We got to hear from [our mission] president with all the other new kids like me this week as well.  The crazy thing is that they had to translate everything that was being said by the other kids into English, but I understood everything perfectly fine in Spanish. So that was pretty cool, I think I am understanding it better than the other newbies. 

My president talked about how the mission is like a mountain, and [here is] the point we are at, and that [right now] we can't see the peak. The peak is a year, and everything after a year goes by really fast and is like the descent of a mountain. I think that its going to get even faster than it is now, which is a little scary, but good at the same time.  I just am having such a good time here. 

I have been sweating constantly for the last week. It's been in the 90s and its just spring.  I will be in the heat of summer for the next 5 months at least. Loco.  I took all of my shirt to a seamstress today and she is making them all short sleeves because they are way to hot as long sleeves, lol.  Winter here isn't that cold from what I've heard other missionaries say, but summer gets up to 120 Fahrenheit. 

We Found An investigator!
This past investigator called us on Monday and said she wanted to meet with us. We came to find out later that her spouse who was a member passed away, and she wants to get baptized and needs the holy ghost for comfort.  I say "spouse" because nobody here is married.  Maybe its just a cultural thing, but we have three families that want to get baptized, but are waiting on marriage licenses first, because nobody here ever gets married.  Anyways, her name is Norma and she has a lot of problems. She is an addict, and isn't allowed to sleep in the same house as her son because she was doing drugs around him. But when we went and talked to her she really wanted to change. She seemed super sincere, but only time will tell. I hope we can help her get her life in order and be happy.

Love you all,
Elder Jensen

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