Friday, October 3, 2014

Good News: Email from Matt 10/3/14


I just sent you guys a letter, but here is an update.

My visa went through and I am headed to Buenos Aires on Monday.  I believe that the lord wanted to humble me, and wanted me to realize that i will have to go wherever he wants me to go.  It was a very humbling experience. I just packed my bags, and I should be good on weight. Tomorrow i will pull out $200 for travel, so just an fyi.

How Grandpa? How is foco doing? Thanks for all of your letters, whenever I get a letter it just makes that day and week so much better. I will call you at my layover in at Atlanta, sometime in between 5-9 Atlanta time. so just keep your phone on and close. I should be able to talk for a decent amount of time!  So that should be good.

Its crazy how much has happened since I left Fort Collins just 6 weeks ago, and I'm super ready to be out in the field, spreading the word of God. I have a feeling that these next two years will fly by for me. Before I know it I will be fluent in another language and be headed back to Fort Collins.

I miss you and love you mom,
Elder Matthew Jensen

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