Monday, October 13, 2014

The Keys: An Email from 10/13/14

Hey All.

It's pretty awesome here. I arrived on Tuesday and have been working ever since.  Elder Hansen is a Beast. He is exactly who I needed to be with these first few months. He is a wrestler too, and he won state in Oregon his senior year -- so he is a beast.  He has been out a year longer than I have and is an awesome guy.  We are serving in the area of Pacheco. It's a city a little north of Buenos Aires, like 20 minutes outside of downtown.
Our area is really nice compared to the other areas. But that being said, its still at a way lower standard of living than the United States.  There are fences outside of everything, and a lot of homeless people. But I like it here, its fun.  Our area is a little nicer than others, so naturally its harder to find investigators. We will continue to work hard, and hopefully we will be blessed with some investigators.

I wish i understood the language a little better. I understand about half of everything that any Spanish speak has said. I am starting to understand all of it, but my speaking still needs some work. I bet in a month or two the language barrier wont be so bad. Ive picked up a bunch this week, and i am a
fast learner so i will stay hopeful.

We only eat two meals a day here. Breakfast and then a lunch that is impossibly big. The members are saints, and wash our clothes, and some family provides lunch for the 4 missionaries in this area every day.  That is a lot of food.  Also, this week we taught 20 lessons with members present. When missionaries and members work together, miracles happen. 

My funny story of this week is the locks. They turn twice instead of once when you lock anything. Weird keys. But On Thursday I locked our apartment door and turned it once, instead of twice, and pulled the key out. When we arrived back the lock would only partly turn, and wouldn't open. We slept over at the other elders apartment, and in the morning still couldn't get it and called a locksmith. He came, laughed, and turned the key over and opened the door with ease.  All we had to do was turn the key over.  My companion and I laughed a bunch. It makes me think, what else do we just need to turn the key over, and try things from a different angle. Our family, or our friends? Our scripture study or our prayer?  Try things from a different angle this week! love you all!

Love you all,
Elder Matthew Jensen

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