Saturday, October 4, 2014

And as if we didn't get the emails -- A Letter from 10/3/14


I got your letter today!  It was good and super long.  How is grandpa?  Is he doing alright?  I'm gonna miss seeing him for the next two years!  It is super warm here too.  I miss the big mountains.  And the Continental Divide.  We are going to have to head up there when I'm back.  The falls are beautiful -- I miss them [referring to the trip that Teresa took with her dad].  I hope that he is happy for the next couple of years.   The game should be fun! [referring to the Broncos/Cardinals game that we got for Teresa's dad]  I remember a couple times when Alex and I were skiing it took us like six hours to get down from the mountains.  The time to get back is ridiculous [referring to the 4.5 hours it took us to get back from Silverthorne on a Sunday afternoon].  They need to improve the highways or something.

Today I got some good news.  I rec'd my travel plans to Buenos Aires!  I leave on Monday, so I guess my visa got through!  I dunno, maybe I just overreacted about Sacramento.  It seems like when I was finally okay with going to Sacramento God decided to put my visa through!  Its funny how God gives us trials to strengthen us.  I think that God just wanted me to come to terms with the fact that I needed to go wherever he told me I had to.

So on Monday morning I fly to Argentina and will be immersed in the Spanish language.  I am a bit nervous, as I won't be able to speak that much, but I will pick it up in 4-6 months I bet.  I leave at 6:00am on Monday and have a layover in Atlanta from 4:33pm to 9:30pm, so w expect a call from me sometime then.  Remember the time change!  Then I have an 11 hour flight from Atlanta to BAN and should get in around 8:30 AM in the city.  I am super excited for this.  It should be awesome.  I am going to pull out $200 for my baggage fees also, so just letting you know about this.  I also had my suits dry cleaned so I paid $23 for that.

Tomorrow I pack my bags up so I can fly to Argentina.  If I am over weight I will send you back some stuff in a package tomorrow.  Just put in into my room until I get back.  I think I might be a little over so I will have to check tomorrow.

Time does fly, you are right.  In no time I will be back in FOCO, ready to go to school again.  It doesn't seem like I am 19 and when I get back I doubt that I will feel 21.  It seems like just yesterday I was starting middle school with Alex and swimming in our backyard.  Or it feels like only a couple of years ago I was a freshman in high school, getting sick with the swine flu.  Or going to prom for the first time.  When I get back, things will change, and have changed.  But I hope that the change will be for the better.  I hope I still have some friends when I get back.  Maybe I will move in with Ben!  That would be super fun.  Love you guys!  A lot!

Matt Jensen

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