Monday, October 20, 2014

It's a Small World After All -- Email from 10/20/14

As a precursor, for those of you in Stetson Creek Ward, this really is a small world. Elder Corpus, one of the elders in our ward, is from Oregon.  We had the elders over for dinner last week when Teresa said (it was actually me but she doesn't agree) "So I know Oregon is a big state and all, but my son's companion is from there and is a wrestler, and been out a year- Elder Hansen- you wouldn't know him- would you?"  He says, "Wait- is your son in Argentina?  I thought you said he was in Brazil.  One of my very good friends, Elder Hansen is in Argentina!!"  We pulled out pictures and sure enough, same Elder Hansen.  Elder Corpus lived down the street from Elder Corpus.  Cool. Huh?

BTW -- in case you are wondering, that is a 1 in 88,000 chance.  Time to start playing the lotto I think.   Now -- onto Matt's letter....

That's crazy! Elder Hansen has been telling all week that his friend is in Fort Collins and I was like cool. But it is insane that he is serving in our home ward.  What a small world.  Crazy.  Loco en la cabeza.

We have had a good week here, but a super tough week.  We have been working super hard to find investigators to teach, and investigators who actually want to progress.  Right now, we teach people we meet in the street, and try with a couple investigators, but they don't want to progress, and be baptized.  So as of right now we have no investigators that are progressing.  Which sucks because we are working really hard, but this is just a tough area. I'm convinced that this week we will be able to find an investigator to teach that we can baptize in the next 3 weeks before the end of the transfer.  I will continue to work hard. 

We only receive letters here once every 3 weeks, so I will let you know over email when I get them.  I probably will just respond over email because I don't know how to mail internationally down here.  Try to send the little flip book soon.  It just has to be pictures, don't make it a scrapbook because people here cant read English.   But sent in in a letter so I will get it sooner. Because packages can take up to 5 months to get.   But thanks for doing that for me. 
Today my companion and i am starting a diet.  We are going to get jacked.  My goal is 100 pushups by the end of November. I got it easy. 

Not much going on here. Things are moving fast. The language is coming slowly but steadily. I hope that i can pick up more of it faster, but I know I need to be patient and it will come.  I hope we can find someone this week. 

Love you guys,

Elder Matthew Jensen
PS --  how is my Delorean coming along?

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