Thursday, September 18, 2014

Part of a trio... 9/18/14

Hey Mom.

The Trio of Companions

Thanks for the email. Its been a good week, but a super long and hard week. I have not heard anything about my visa, so hopefully it will go through soon. I would be heartbroken if I didn't end up in Argentina because of visa problems. The phone card would work, I haven't really though about it yet, but I'm sure it would be fine. The cinnamon rolls were awesome, but so sugary. My stomach does really well when I eat healthy. I find that if I eat super healthy, and drink a ton of water than I can not have any stomach problems.

I have only sent 5 pictures so far because I don't really have much pictures to send. If you send me a little package I won't open it, but put it inside another package so I can open that one. Keep looking for my dream car. It wouldn't be the end of the world if i got another car, but it would be sweet if i could get that dream car. or something that i can go skiing in like a jeep wrangler or something. But a Delorean first choice definitely. 

Me at the Provo Temple
I have only grown a little, so now worries, but I think I have lost 5-10 pounds. There is no real way of knowing though because I have no scales here. Elder Hamilton and I received a new member to our companionship because a kid in our district went home, so we are a trio. I love them both, and I am so glad I was put with other people who want to be here as much as I do. I will send a picture later tonight of us in suits by the temple. I heard from an apostle on Tuesday night. It was cool. Richard G Scott...... a very old man full of wisdom. He talked mostly about prayer and how receive answers to it. It was very cool, and im glad that I was able to hear from an apostle of the lord.

I will send a letter today, so keep an eye out for it in the mail. It will include some of my stories and experiences of this week. In 2 weeks from Monday I leave to BA. I'm so pumped to get out of the MTC and to see the world. 

I need a new laundry bag, the one I got ripped the first day I had it. Try to get me one made of burlap or something so it wont rip please. 
Love you,

Elder Matthew Jensen 

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