Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reconnecting with Old Friends at main Provo MTC

Sam and Matthew at the MTC - cool for old friends to reconnect
Mice are mice, I'm glad I was gone for that! I am looking forward to a package a lot. Hopefully Emily will put Rolo cookies in it;). This weeks sucked. you can get a long story about it in the letter i sent home this week, but shorty story is this;
I didn't make it into General Conference Men's session choir.
We moved to main campus and now I share a room with 5 elders (no privacy, space, lots of snoring).
My visa didn't come yet, so if it doesn't get here by the 6th than I have temporarily been assigned to labor in the Sacramento California mission. It sucks. I really had my heart set on the Argentina mission. 
Its good to have patience, I've gained so much patience here from six weeks it is incredible. I hope I can stay focused in the field, but this last week sucked. 
Now here are some positive things:
I can fit into my retainer again. My teeth are whiter than ever. 
I read all of Mosiah and half of Alma this last week, and I am starting to love reading the Book of Mormon.  
I can speak in Spanish very well now, and can comprehend what Spanish speakers are saying. 
I have been praying a lot, and I feel I can recognize the spirit very well now. 
I feel Jesus Christs love for me at all times. 
I miss all of you guys a ton.
I miss my home a ton but I am ready for what comes in the next two years.
I have seen Sam Merrill everywhere, and its nice to catch up with him. 
Ive grown as a person, and I continually grow everyday. 
I'm following the prophets by serving a mission. 
Love you mom. Send me a hand written letter sometime, they brighten my day when i get a letter in the mail. Let me know how everyone is doing and tell grandpa I love him. 
I hope your having a good time at home. We were able to hear from another apostle this week, Ballard. He was incredible. And inspiring. If I can be a tenth of the man he is than I will be proud of myself. 
Tell the girls I love them and dad to keep at it. Its hard work out here, but it's starting to move by faster than ever. I don't know everything, and I still have the same doubts I had before, but its almost as if they don't matter anymore. Its as if all of my personal doubts and concerns about doctrine and stuff are unimportant when i am teaching the word. they hinder me, and they are still there, but things don't bother me as much as they used to anymore. 
Have dinner with Someone this week. The best way to share our beliefs is through love. Even when people frustrate you, because a lot of people frustrate me, you need to fight through it and love them. My goal this week is to have a smile on my face at all times. I don't want anything to slow me down, especially a bad attitude. 
Love you Mom.
Elder Matthew Jensen

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