Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sounding Down: Letter from 9/27/14

Dear Jensen Family.

How are you guys doing this week?  What has been going on in Fort Collins?  It has been another tough week here, and I am glad it is over.  I only have one week left in the MTC!  That is pretty SWEET!

Here I am with Brother Carpenter
Last weekend was good and on Tuesday I found out that I didn't make the General Conference Choir, so that sucked.  Everyone else made it in my district except me and another kid from my district.  But the thing is I am nowhere near the wort singer in my group and a bunch of kids lied on their survey under the "rate your own voice section".   They all rated their voice great or excellent, instead of being honest like I was.  Me and the other elder who didn't make it were honest and said that our voices were only Okay.  At first I was super mad, especially at the kids who suck at singing and liked on the form.  Now I don't care that much because I still have my integrity and I still was honest in the sight of the Lord.  So, sadly, I will not be singing in the Priesthood Session of General Conference -- but I can still be proud of my honesty.

On Thursday we moved to the main campus.  Main Campus MTC straight up stinks.  I am living with six elders in a tiny room.  The snoring sucks at night and I have no place to hang out in anymore.  Our teachers didn't switch with us, so we have two new teachers for our last week at the MTC.  I really enjoyed my teachers, so that sucked too.

Today I received some bad news too!  My visa hasn't come yet.  So if it doesn't come by the time I am leaving then I will be sent to Sacramento California as a temporary mission until my visa gets here.  That sucks because I seriously want to go to Argentina.  Pray for my visa to get here.  The dang FBI needs to speed up their clearances.

So this week has been alright, and I hope that it gets better next week.  I really hope that I get my visa in before I head to Sacramento.  I am willing to wait six weeks in California for my visa, but after that I will come home.  I am not going to get stuck in California for my entire mission -- it is not worth my time.  I am meant to go to Buenos Aires, not California.  So that's just an FYI for you guys, so you won't be surprised if it comes to that.  I love you guys and hope all is well.

Elder Matt Jensen

PS. -- I will be expecting the package Monday!  I love you all.

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