Monday, August 24, 2015

A New Family Comes to Church -- Email from 24 August 2015

This week was incredible. We saw and witnessed a lot of miracles. We found a family that we brought to the Church and they are really prepared for us.  They are really cool. They call us angels and say that they have prayed for a long time for someone to help them find the truth. They aren't married yet, but we are going to baptize the 4 kids in the family while they are doing the paperwork to get married:) So in two weeks we should have a couple of baptisms! Here are two pictures of the family we found. The mom is named Laura and the dad is names David. The kids are Isaiah, Dilan, Kiara, and Nair!

Also the woman that was reading the Book of Mormon for a year went to church again and we had the opportunity to talk to her about that day.  Her name is Dayanira. She said that she desperately wanted to talk to us but was to shy and didn't have the guts. She said that she was thinking on the inside "Why don't they talk to me"!  I will send a picture of them both!   Here is a picture of Dayanira.
What Miracles! 

How are you all? How was your week?
If there are any questions comments or concerns let me know:) 
Elder Jensen

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