Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baptism and 1 year out -- Email from 11 August 2015

This week was really good. Fernanda was baptized:) She was confirmed also:)! She was really happy and even cried a little during her baptism. This week she is headed to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Hopefully she will be a leader in the church for life! It was really good. Katy and Lesli were not progressing this week. On Monday they talked to a preacher from another church and as a result now they have a lot of doubts about polygamy and stuff like that. Its alright haha, They will get baptized when its there time!

I cant believe that i am already a year into the mission. It has undoubtedly been the hardest/most difficult/ rewarding/happiest/saddest/exhilarating/wise year of my life. It really is the best thing that I have ever done with my life. Nothing beats the mission and nothing is harder than the mission either. I would council all of you that if you have the chance now, or later in life to go and serve with your spouses that you should do it, I have learned 1000 times more than i would have if I wasn't here. That being said, in a year I will be happy to give you all a huge hug! 
Have some pictures. of Fernanda and I, and of Elder Larry Brady and I. He is a matrimonio missionero that is going to give me a recommendation to get into the cia;) he worked for the state department for 50 years as head of foreign emergency affairs or something like that.  
Elder Jensen 

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